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The Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology

Key Team Members

Professor Michael Bradley
Centre Co-director
BSc, PhD

Michael Bradley is the Professor of Particle and Bulk Solids Technologies, and has been Manager of the Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology since 1990. He was made Director of the Wolfson Centre in 2008 following the retirement of Prof Alan Reed from this position. His PhD is recognised as a seminal work which set out the basis for modern procedures for the design of pneumatic conveying systems to operate in a reliable and cost effective way. Since then his research interests have broadened to encompass a wide range of areas. This is evidenced by his publication profile, which extends to over 150 . He has secured significant funding to sustain the research endeavour from external bodies such as EPSRC, UK government departments, NGOs, and Industry. He is also a highly regarded industrial consultant.

He actively contributes to the work of various professional, trade and standard setting bodies, such as BHMC(IMechE), BSI, MHEA and SHAPA. He also sits on the editorial advisory boards of Proc.IMechE (Part E) and Powder Handling and Processing, and is a member of the Proposal Assessment Panel for the Research Council of Norway.

Dr Tong Deng
BSc, BEng, MSc, PhD

Dr Teng is currently a Research Fellow. He was awarded his PhD in 2001 for research into the effects of particle dynamics on assessing the erosive wear resistance of materials in centrifugal test rigs. He used this expertise to good effect through his active engagement in the EPSRC/industry funded project concerned with the development of a model to predict the operational life of bends in pneumatic conveying systems. Following this he broadened his knowledge base by taking a leading role in the DEFRA/industry funded initiative concerned with developing a novel combination of techniques for sorting foodstuffs. Additionally, he is actively involved wider design and operational issues relating to pneumatic conveying, along with establishing procedures for ensuring the reliable flow of highly compressible materials such as biomass products.

Dr Robert Berry
BEng, PhD

Dr Berry is currently a Research Fellow. He was awarded his PhD in 2003 for research on enhancing understanding of the failure properties of cohesive materials, which has led to a reduction in the considerable conservatism inherent in longstanding procedures for designing plant for reliable flow. He furthered his skills base in this area through his involvement in the latter stages in the EPSRC/industry funded Quality in Particulate Based Manufacturing (QPMTM) initiative, where he undertook innovative work which led to an enhanced understanding of the failure characteristics of particulate materials that cake or partly cake through moisture migration. He is currently taking a leading role in the DEFRA LINK/industry funded project concerned with the development of instrumentation for the rapid measurement of the flow properties of fine powders.

Richard Farnish
BEng, MPhil, CEng, MIMechE

Richard Farnish is currently a Senior Research Fellow. He was awarded his MPhil in 2007 for research on “Effect of Flow Channel Profiles on Repeatability of Discharge Rates from Dispensing Heads used for Flow Control of Particulate Materials in Bulk”. He has applied the knowledge developed from this work to a wide range of industrially focussed consultancy projects undertaken in the EU and overseas. His research interests relate to the challenges of handling cohesive powders through feed or dosing systems in a repeatable and consistent manner. He has developed links with many European Universities and has been a key participant in a range of Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci, Framework 6 and Framework 7 Marie Curie projects.