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The Computational Science & Engineering Group

Key Team Members

Professor Koulis Pericleous
Centre Co-director, CSEG Director
BSc, Phd, CMath, FIMA, CEng, MASME

Dr Pericleous is the Professor of CFD at Greenwich (since 1994), Leader of the Computational Science and Engineering Group (CSEG) and Co-Director of the CNMPA. An aeronautical engineer by training, he joined the University of Greenwich in 1989, following a career in a commercial CFD software house. His research record covers aerodynamics, turbulence modelling, combustion and fire modelling, multi-phase flow, computational MHD, and environmental modelling. He is the author of 300+ academic publications, and he supervised 35+ PhD students since joining Greenwich. He generated research funding from the EPSRC, EU and industrial sources in excess of £3.2 million between 2008 and 2017 and fostered collaborative research with a number of other UK Universities, large multinationals, and research laboratories in the UK and abroad.

Current research includes a series of EPSRC projects in the area of electromagnetic metals processing, modelling the Vacuum Arc Remelting process for aerospace alloys, collaborative projects with NPL(UK), Madylam (France) and DLR (Germany/ESA) to characterise molten material properties through electromagnetic levitation, and participation in the EU/FP6/IP project IMPRESS jointly funded by ESA, for the production of new inter-metallics for Earth or Space applications. Industrial studies include the continuous casting of steel plates (ARCELOR-MITTAL) and the Hall-Herault aluminium electrolysis process (Chinese aluminium industry). Elsewhere, he is involved in the atmospheric dispersion of aerosols (Interreg project ATTMA), pollution in urban street canyons, heat and mass transfer in microwave ovens, aerodynamic noise generation, and the development of new turbulence models for electronics cooling (in collaboration with CMRG).

Prof Mayur Patel
BSc, MSc, PhD, FIMA, CMath, CSci

Professor in Computational Fluid Dynamics, member of CSEG (also member of FSEG and CMRG) and Co-Director of the Centre for Numerical Modelling and Process Analysis. He started his research career as one of the first PhD students within the Centre in 1983. Within CSEG he leads work in several important sectors, including: particulate transport (project QPM in collaboration with Wolfson), ground water modelling, physiological CFD. He has published over 150 papers concerning CFD and its applications.

Prof V Bojarevics
MSc, PhD

Dr Bojarevics studied physics at the Institute of Physics (Latvia, ex USSR). He is the Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) expert in CSEG, with 30+ years experience in experimental and theoretical MHD following an early career at the centre for MHD research (Latvia) and as a visiting researcher at several prestigious laboratories (incl. Madylam France, EPFL Switzerland, Tohoku University Japan). He joined Greenwich 20 years ago as a Research Fellow and he has been recently promoted to the post of Professor of Magnetohydrodynamics. He is the lead researcher and co-investigator on a number of MHD-related grants and the main author of the spectral codes SPHINX and MHD-VALDIS. He is the UK sub-editor of the archival journal Magnetohydrodynamics, and the author of 60+ papers.