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Computational Mechanics & Reliability Group

Key Team Members

Professor Chris Bailey
Centre Co-director, CMRG Director
BSc, PhD, MBA (Tech Management), CMath, FIMA, SMIEEE

Professor and founding director of the Computational Mechanics and Reliability Group, and co-director of the Centre for Numerical Modelling and Process Analysis where he has worked in computational mechanics since 1991. The author of 150+ academic and professional publications, he has generated research income in excess of £2 million since 2004.

Professor Bailey serves on a number of committees including the IeMRC, IMAPS, ACME, the Dti materials metrology working group and is a member of the EPSRC college. He is also on the technical committee of a number of IEEE international conferences and in 2006 was the local organiser of the Eurosime conference in London and in 2008 will be the general chair of the ESTC conference.

Current portfolio of projects includes two Dti technology programme sponsored projects investigating reliability modelling of smart displays and power electronic modules; a number of EPSRC projects developing modelling tools for micro/nano-scale devices and optimisation/inverse analysis for maintenance predictions of both high technology products and heritage structures; two EU sponsored projects investigating the performance and reliability of materials that satisfy WEEE and RoHS environmental legislation.

Dr Hua Lu

Dr Hua Lu is a Reader in Computational Science and leads the research efforts in stress/failure analysis and reliability predictions. He obtained his PhD at the University of Edinburgh in Computational Physics in 1992 and started his career at the University of Sheffield. He has worked within the centre since 1995.

Within CMRG Dr Lu leads the development efforts on the PHYSICA software and reliability modelling. He has published over 60 papers and is a member of the IEEE. Current portfolio of projects includes reliability of power modules, laser bonding of fibre optics and performance of display technologies for safety critical applications.

Dr Stoyan Stoyanov

Dr Stoyan Stoyanov is a Senior Research Fellow in Optimisation and Multi-Physics Modelling and leads the research efforts in this area. He started his career at the University of Greenwich in 2000 where he obtained his PhD under the supervision of Prof Bailey.

Within CMRG he leads the development of optimisation, inverse modelling, and maintenance prediction software tools. Current portfolio of projects includes optimisation models for micro-engineering manufacturing processes, reliability predictions of advanced micro-electronic devices, and the development of a decision support system to predict maintenance strategies for engineering structures. Dr Stoyanov has published over 20 refereed papers concerned with computational mechanics and optimisation.

Prof Mayur Patel
BSc, MSc, PhD, FIMA, CMath, CSci

Dr Mayur Patel is a Professor in computational fluid dynamics; he leads the fluid dynamics efforts within the group, in particular micro-fluidics.

He started his research career as one of the first PhD students within the centre . His current portfolio of projects within CMRG includes the modelling of micro-fluidic behaviour in micro- engineered components that separate or mix liquids, such as blood, for analysis. He is also active within all other research groups within the centre.